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2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for UK businesses, but the Drone Safe Register team have worked hard to build on the success of the organisation to date and develop a number of new initiatives. The recent launch of the Drone Safe Store was a major step forwards in our support of the UK drone industry.

By focussing on safety and education Drone Safe Register has grown to become the nations largest network of CAA approved commercial drone operators. We work with the CAA and industries to promote the use of drone technology in everything from construction surveys to insurance claims.

It was a natural step to move into setting up the Drone Safe Store as we had concerns that retailers couldn’t offer the expertise and professional advice necessary. As well as offering help and guidance at the point of sale all drone purchases from Drone Safe Store include an hours free consultation.

We are delighted to announce that the CAA have recognised the professionalism of the Drone Safe Store by awarding us their Dronesafe approval. We are now able to display the official Dronesafe symbol which gives all customers peace of mind that they are dealing with a responsible and trustworthy supplier.

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Mark Boyt, CEO of Drone Safe Register commented “Dronesafe approval is a great endorsement of the effort we go to in ensuring anyone buying from Drone Safe Store is given the knowledge and guidance to fly responsibly and within the law.

Many of our customers are completely new to drones and there’s still a lot of misunderstanding about what you can and can’t do. By giving expert advice at the point of sale we can also reduce the risk of crashes and fly-aways which are quite common with people new to flying”

To comply with the Dronsafe requirements there are a number of specific things a retailer must do.

These include –

  • Supplying customers buying any drone over 250g with a copy of the Dronecode. DSR have been promoting the Dronecode initiative since it was first introduced
  • Prominently displaying the Dronecode instore. As Drone Safe Store is online we will continue to promote the rules and educate new pilots at every opportunityProvide clear advice to customers on following the Dronecode. This is where Drone Safe Register really excels.
  • Every buyer gets access to advice and support at whatever they need when buying from us. Unlike some online drone retailers we don’t just send the goods and move on to the next customer, we offer full hands-on support
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As well as supplying professional drone operators with the kit they need for their businesses we want to encourage those with an interest in drone flying to make a start. For example, a customer buying a Mavic Air from the Drone Safe Store would get one to one support for technical questions, flying and photography advice and a full trough of the Dronecode.

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