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Welcome to Sky Scan Surveys, your premier local expert for comprehensive drone surveying services. Our commitment to excellence, paired with cutting-edge drone technology, positions us as a trusted name in the industry. Offering a diverse range of services, we take pride in tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring precision and accuracy in every project.

Our Services:

At Sky Scan Surveys, we utilise advanced drone technology for accurate and reliable results across various applications. From topography and 3D models to volumetrics, line drafting, and inspections, our expertise spans a broad spectrum. Whether you require detailed CAD deliverables like DWG and Revit models or specialised maps such as contour maps, topography charts, and planimetric elements, we have the knowledge and technology to deliver.

Surveying Techniques:

Our surveying services employ both photogrammetry and LiDAR-based techniques, providing a comprehensive understanding of your project area. Utilising the latest technology, we ensure that our surveys are not only precise but also efficient, saving you time and resources.

Specialised Services and Case Studies:

In our commitment to delivering outstanding results, Sky Scan Surveys offers specialised services such as thermal roof assessments and land surveys. Our drone technology allows us to conduct thorough examinations, identifying potential issues with precision. For instance, in The Quarry Challenge in Horwich, Greater Manchester, we utilised LiDAR technology to enhance safety, operational efficiency, and precision in quarry management operations.

Similarly, our involvement in The Valley Leisure Park 3D BIM Model in Bolton, Greater Manchester, showcases our ability to create intricate 3D BIM models using advanced drone technology. This model serves as a valuable asset for future development, park management, and seamless integration into the Revit BIM environment.

Why Sky Scan Surveys?

When choosing Sky Scan Surveys, you opt for professionalism, clarity, and reliability. Our team is dedicated to meeting your unique requirements, ensuring that our drone surveying services align seamlessly with your project goals. Recognising the importance of clear and detailed deliverables, our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of our work.


Sky Scan Surveys stands as a beacon of precision and innovation in the drone surveying landscape. Our case studies, ranging from challenging terrains to intricate 3D models and city-wide developments, showcase our capability to deliver results that consistently exceed expectations. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and experience excellence in the field of drone surveying. As a token of our commitment, we invite you to inquire about a free consultation or project quote, allowing you to experience first-hand the excellence that sets us apart.

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