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Open Sky Media has been successfully airborne since 2017 helping many very satisfied clients. Our portfolio ranges from roof inspections to broadcast news. (Watch our aerial showreel)

We have produced aerial promos for cars ('VW Arteon' on our YouTube page: @openskymedia), property developers & construction sites, and showcasing the finished product both externally and internally for commercial films (You might like to watch the '3's' main HQ Building fly-through also on our YouTube page) and we are sure you will be very happy with our results.

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Some Extra Trivia:

We have a good relationship with Gatwick Airport as we are situated fairly close to them and often need permission to fly within their ATZ (Air Traffic Zone), and we were proactive in helping them complete test flights for their drone detection system.

We have also been fully audited by the CAA and found to be exemplary in every area, we always stick to flying as per our OPS Manual.

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Peter Bond - 16-08-2023

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