Aerial Image Revolution Ltd

Aerial Image Revolution Limited (AIR ltd) is a kent based company offering drone services nationwide. 


Passionate and enthusiastic about UAV technology, we utilise the most cutting-edge equipment to provide targeted aerial solutions for the most obscure and challenging projects.

The versatility of the drone means we can capture georeferenced images, 6K video, HD live stream aerial views and function as an elevated light source and/or load speaker system.


We use a mixture of operating systems and brands to allow us to conduct all types of operation and meet the necessary site safety restrictions - including the use of NON-DJI platforms.


We believe in our ability to deliver targeted drone services, and strive to impress our clients on every project, by always adhering to our three main operational objectives:

1. Operate safely and efficiently. 

2. Meet the client’s brief and surpass expectations.

3.Keep clients informed and build strong working relationships.

Quotations are free so get in touch today.

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