BrightSky Drones

BrightSky Drones specialises in outstanding aerial photography and videography, operating from Bath and across the South West.

Are you looking for aerial photography and video for your event, production or survey? Night and day, 4K cameras, stunning footage, we are fully qualified, insured and approved for commercial operations by the CAA. We can also film internationally.

Need someone to capture photos and video from the air?
Perhaps your beautiful house, property or gardens?

We shoot for film, events, showcasing hotels and grounds, real estate, wedding venues, parties, outdoor events, golf clubs, and more.

High quality 4K video and editing at very competitive prices, hourly, half or full day with the option for in-house editing solutions or complete footage handover to work on with your own team.

We will shoot your film, map your site, tell your story. We are different, and that’s good.

Aerial Photography and Video

Real Estate Drone Photo Video

South West Drone Operator Great!

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