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Operations Manual Update Service

Every PFCO operator in the UK is required to have a working operations manual that suits his or her intended operation or remotely piloted aircraft. The CAA is clear that each operator should know their own manual and fully understand its contents to ensure the safe and effective operation of their aircraft systems.

However, Drone Safe Register understands that with constantly and ever-changing regulations within the drone industry, it is easy for busy operators to miss some key updates from the CAA, resulting in a rejection of their initial or renewal application for standard permissions.

This year the CAA introduced a rejection fee of £124 for documents that do not meet the renewal criteria.

To help avoid operators being rejected, Drone Safe Register has introduced this update service.

This service only covers standard permission renewals and not reduced distance OSC documents. Please contact us to discuss OSC consultancy.


Q:I want to add another airframe, is this included?

A: Additional airframes are not covered within this standard service, but can be added at an additional cost.

Q: How will I know what has changed within the manual?

A: Each manual will be given a feedback sheet with the detail of the changes laid out. Each change will also be reflected in the amendment table.

Q: Will this improve my operations Manual?

A: This service isn’t designed to completely re-write your manual, but if there are significant issues that would cause a rejection with the CAA, then they will be changed. So in affect this will improve the manual to make it acceptable for submission.

Q: I have already been rejected by the CAA but don’t understand the information given.

A: The CAA generally give a detailed description of what is wrong and caused the rejection. We can use this information to correct your manual and help get it into shape for re-submission.

Total Cost: £125.00 + VAT