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We are raising funds to accelerate our business growth and continue promoting the importance of hiring trained, safe and insured drone operators.

The next round will close on the 31st May 2021. At this point shares will be issued.

Please use the link below and do ensure the application form is completed, signed and returned the same day as investment payment.

Our Drone Safe Register™ members are highly valued, professional and experienced individuals that contribute enormously to the growing reputation of the drone industry. We are extremely proud to work with such talented individuals, aiding them in growing their business and networking opportunities.

The following list shows the members that have invested in the future of Drone Safe Register™. This investment opportunity means that our existing members will be a part of our accelerated growth and launch overseas, not just as part of our established network, but as Shareholders.

Join our members and make your investment in the future of the drone industry, today!

You can invest in Drone Safe Register™ here
Airborne Camera

Member Since:
September 2019

VLOS Imaging

Member Since:
August 2020