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South West Surveys are a friendly, professional team based in Bristol and have been providing fast, effective, highly detailed and accurate measured surveys across the UK.

At South West Surveys we run our own in-house drone operations.

We are fully insured and have operational authorisation from the CAA to fly within the Specific category, meaning we are able to fly missions that present a greater risk.

Drones are a fantastic tool to our surveying arsenal, collecting data from otherwise out of reach places and areas of high risk by using lidar sensors or photogrammetry methods.

Covering large areas of land, from open farmland to woodland, our lidar system can penetrate tree canopies and map the ground beneath.

Drones can provide you with a wealth of data including plant health and vigour, weed location and density, precise area measurements and elevation changes across your land.

Some of the services we offer but are not limited to include;

  • Lidar
  • Photogrammetry
  • Condition surveys
  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Asset management
  • 2d orthomosaic maps
  • 3d pointclouds
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring for marine, coastal or flooding
  • Documentation of Heritage buildings & structures
  • Thermology (solar panels, roof heat loss, heavy industry)
  • Volume & area calculations
  • Field inspection and crop monitoring
  • GPS position
  • DTM (digital terrain models)

Where we differ from other drone companies is that we have an extensive background in surveying which is the back bone of our business.

In the world of quickly evolving survey technology, the availability of UAV lidar is becoming more accessible. Whether you decide to use South West Surveys or not please don’t fall into the trap of using cheap inaccurate lidar data. South West Surveys use high end lidar sensors coupled with an extremely highly accurate IMU (heading 0.0071°, pitch 0.0021°, roll 0.0021°), which can give us accuracies of up to 10mm.

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