Networx3 Group Limited

Networx3 Group Ltd

Established in November 2003 we have grown into one of the leading installers of Fibre & Blown Fibre Optic Network Infrastructure in the UK.

Networx3 operate throughout the UK with over 20 full time engineers working on Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, & Ecology projects.

In 2017 UAV's became an important part of our portfolio, initailly used for surveying we quickly realised that they had potential to be used in many differing industries. In 2018 we decided to make our drone work a priority and accelerated our programme to ensure we had enough trained and certified pilots. In addition to this, we wanted to ensure that we have the right drones for the job,  a variety of vehicles (including Off Road) and a training facility (Including Flight Simulators).

January 2020 Networx3 Group can now offer a UAV for any eventuality Internal or External, Thermal or Photo, Covert or Overt, Tethered or Free Flying. Whatever a customers requirements Networx3 can meet that demand. Offering six trained and certified Pilots, operating a variety of drones from DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK, Flyability Elios 2, 

February 2020, We have now installed a DJI Flight Simulator, this will help improve pilot skills for 'Search & Rescue', 'Wind Turbine Inspections' and much more. We are planning on making the Simulator available to both Business and Education within the next few months.

March 2020, We have converted a Networx3 Fiat Ducato van into a mobile drone control room, with two 44" Monitors swivel chairs, heating and the ability to carry several drones, charge, workshop area. Customers can now sit in the comfort of the van with the ability to watch & even control the camera equipment. 

November 2020: We have ordered an Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis. A drone costing over £50'000, that will give us the ability to fly in all weathers, wind speeds up to 75kph, rain - no longer an issue.

January 2021: We have started the conversion from PfCO to GVC for all our Operators 

Feel free to call us on: 01254 888361 (24 Hour) and ask for Caroline or Ian




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