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We are Fox Volant UAV solutions, providing drone services throughout East Anglia and across the UK. Based near the university town of Cambridge, our services include aerial photography, surveys, inspections and 3D modelling.

Covering a range of sectors, including construction, architecture, agriculture and property, we are fully insured and work under an operational authorisation issued by the CAA.

Aerial Photography

If you’re looking to add a unique perspective to your project, then let us take inspiring, high-resolution, high-quality, aerial photographs for you. Equipped with mechanical shutters and image stabilisation, our drones produce sharp results every time.

All post processing is done in-house using professional editing tools, bringing the most out of each image before delivering securely to you. Addition of text or logos can be done at no extra cost if required.


Our drones are equipped with the latest in RTK technology for obtaining survey data with centimetre accuracy. From terrain mapping to locate boundaries and show contours, through to calculating volumes.

Generating orthomosaics, digital surface models, point clouds and 3D models (digital twins) for viewing online and in virtual reality. Also ready for secure download to import into your CAD or GIS software.


Capturing high-resolution photographs and video of inaccessible areas without the need for cherry pickers or scaffolding. Save time and money with our inspection service, covering large areas quickly and safely.

Great for inspecting roofs or other hazardous areas where preventative maintenance today will help avoid costly repairs tomorrow.

3D Modelling & Digital Twins

Using data captured from the air, we construct mesh models and points clouds for viewing in a web browser or virtual reality headset. For applications in architecture, construction and the collection of geospatial data, these models can be imported directly into other applications.

Where more realistic looking models are required, photographic textures can be overlaid on the model’s surface. We also offer the creation of video walkthroughs when required.

Aerial surveying

Cambridge Drone

Ely Drone

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