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Droneworks 360 offer you insured drone services from pilots with CAA drone training certificates. We have permission to fly drones in almost any location, including congested areas and for night flights (in accordance with our CAA approved Operations Manual).

We provide drone services for a range of clients including home owners, surveyors, estate agents, property developers, hotel owners and marketing companies.

Services We Provide

Our building and inspection services are a much safer and more affordable alternative to using some of the more standard methods.

  • Drone Roof Inspections

  • Surveyor Collaborations

  • Construction Projects

  • Aerial Drone Photography & Video

Drone Surveying

Improving Safety:

Because our surveying is done with drones it makes everything safer by far, no need for scaffolding, cherry pickers, ropes or using pulleys. Having a lot of equipment does in fact increase the chance of a project going wrong but because of the drones we use, they don't need a lot of equipment meaning we can get our jobs done nice and swiftly.

Another point, no one is going to need to leave the ground or go on any elevation, which does in fact make things

Saving a lot of time:

Because of our high-tech drone gear, we have the capability to capture loads of details and perform multiple tasks in one single moment. Depending on each inspection and what type it is, they can be completed from 1 hour to a full day.

Another point is that if you have an urgent project that needs to be looked at we can use building inspection software which will provide your images geo tagged which will layer a map of the building within some hours.

Reduce Costs:

As the drones ability is to fly, this will save money from cost of equipment and general costs (quicker time).

Without the need to remove scaffolding, use ropes, pulleys or cherry pickers using our drone services is just generally much more cost efficient.

Thermographic Technology

The drone technology we have can identify mould, rot and leaks. Overall our methods are safe, cost efficient and effective.

When we utilise thermal technology it means we can identify issues on a property or area to provide the best and most accurate inspection report that will include plans for replacement and repair.

Stunning High-Quality Videography and Photography

With our services come the best of the best images for your projects, capturing very high resolution images from different perspectives, traditional photography doesn't compete with this modern day tech.

The data and images we collect will always be safe with us and we can provide your data in JPEG/DNG (RAW) files for all the photographs taken using our drone services. If you would like to edit each image yourself (which will reduce cost of overall project price) you can. On that part, we do also provide editing services also which can be included, just contact us and let us know what if you have any questions regarding this topic.

The same goes for videos, whichever format you prefer, for example any of these will work from us:

  • MOV

  • MP4

  • MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

  • HEVC/H.265

Fully Trained And Insured Pilots

Depending on the project Droneworks 360 operators will hold a PDRA-01 certification or an A2 CofC Drone Operators certificate.

Insured - £1 m Public Liability (or more by arrangement)

To ensure safety and high-quality services for our clients, we guarantee you our pilots and team are fully qualified and insured!

Contacting Us

When contacting us make sure to ask anything you feel you want to, nothing is silly and no question is too much or too little hassle!

Also when you contact us let us know that you found us on Drone Safe Register, as seen on BBC's Dragon's Den.

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