Offering jobs without PFCO or DBS as drones are under 250g, able to provide all jobs relevant to FPV drones and small DJI drones.

Services Provided

  • Aerial Inspection - Provide inspections and surveys of buildings and other structures that are difficult to access.
  • Film Production - Giving film a new perspective on the action, creating eye catching media using freestyle drones, we do films and documentaries.
  • Events - Create amazing footage of large, open scale events safely.
  • Promotional Footage - We provide high quality, smooth footage for Hotels, Resorts and Properties inside and out using our small cinewhoop drones.
  • Sports - Capture sporting events live from all angles that are impossible to acheive with any other type of camera using our high speed freestyle drones.
  • Weddings - Capture your perfect day from the air, working with your photographer to capture unique angles with ultra quiet drones.


FPV Drones

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