aidan black cameraman limited

Aidan Black Cameraman Limited is a small business that I operate in Glasgow,Scotland. The business has been trading for 6 years. 

The largest part of my portfolio is in TV work, mainly news and current affairs, working for all the major news outlets across the country. My client base is spread all over the UK and I work across a lot of different genres. More information on my website:

My background is in ENG camera work (NEWS). I then progressed into being a shoot-edit and then onto becoming a drone pilot. The reason that I gained these skills was so that I can offer multiple services for a cost effective price.

What I offer is a unique service as I can take a project from the planning stage to production and then onto delivery to fit any budget. Being able to shoot, edit and fly a drone Is a very popular skill set to have within the TV industry.

More information can be found on my website or please get in touch. 

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