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At 345 Drones, we are proud to be pushing the boundaries of aerial drone surveying and inspection with our innovative and cutting-edge technology and software partners. 

Based in Dorset and drawing on 30 years of combined experience of working at heights, Construction and Event & Festival work, we have an in-depth understanding of the need for safely collected, accurate and well-presented data. We use the latest hardware to access difficult to reach places, quickly and safely. Then together with our cloud-based software partners we can offer services across the Construction, Event, Promotional & Agricultural Industries. 

Providing solutions including simple inspection photos, site progress reports, 360º videos, Estate Agency house tours, Event and Festival site surveys for reparations and location handover, building inspections for repairs.

We are passionate about providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective service and we are dedicated to helping our clients so they can make informed decisions using the data collected. 

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Dorset based Drone Pilot

Building inspection and survey

Site progress reports

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