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If you are looking for creative and inspiring aerial photography or videography, look no further than Stratus Imagery. By leveraging a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled team of aerial imagery operators, we strive to provide breathtaking pictures that align with the image envisioned in your mind or something even better. Its not a surprise that one of our core objectives is to achieve the best end result for our clients.

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Our Competencies and Credentials

Why should you put your faith in Stratus Imagery?

There is a whole load of possible reasons as to why you should be confident that you will get your moneys worth (if not more). Some of these competencies include:

Stratus Imagery is validated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for day and night operations with a range of drones from 250g to 25kg heavy lifts You are assured that we operate in accordance with the UK drone laws with our Pfco & GVC

We maintain a full insurance policy tailored for our commercial UAV operations.

Flexibility- We offer a variety of tailor-made packages for clients.

Consistency- Whether its a quick 1-hour task or a week-long project, we make sure the clients get the same level of professionalism and quality end results.

Very Reasonable and Competitive Prices- One of our clients remarks speaks for itself.

He is very easy to contact and does a tremendous job for a very good price. It would be difficult to find someone better.

The picture perfect aerial perspective to drive your sales, market your products, improve productivity, or meet any of your companys goals is only a click away.

Contact Stratus Imagery today and get ready to be wowed! And dont forget to follow us on social media for updates on our services.

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