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DJI Inspire pro x5

DJI Inspire 1 Pro Zenmuse x5 camera 2 sets of props 1x tb47 battery 1x tb48 battery 1x dji transmitter Neewer lens set 1x hard case osmo handle with two batterys good condition call 07447509898

Buy Now: £1600

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Camera for spares or repair

This is a damaged P4P camera, damaged in a crash. The camera broke at the point where it connects to the fuselage. The ribbon connector is broken so it couldn't be repaired. The gamble is fine as is the camera itself. This would be great for spares or maybe it can be repaired.

Buy Now: £150
P & P £10

Inspire 2

Inspire 2 with 10 batteries, DJI carry case, X5S with 15mm lens, Olympus 45mm lens, 4 Battery charger, 2 x Controls and calibration plate. Great condition no damage, no heavy landings or crashes.

Buy Now: £4995