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Pro Membership

15 04, 2019

How do I access my Jessops discount?


We offer discounts from Jessops on drone equipment for both Professional members and Amateur Flyer members. To access the code, visit your membership dashboard. These codes are changed regularly.

How do I access my Jessops discount?2019-04-15T19:52:12+00:00
15 04, 2019

What is the DSR Instant Quote?


Instant Quote is our website dedicated and intelligent contact form that puts those looking to hire a drone pilot in touch with our members for a given location throughout UK and Ireland. Customers looking for a Drone Pilot to hire use the Instant Quote communication form to provide details about their photography, filming or thermal flight needs, along with the flight location, target flight date and how they want to hear back i.e. email or phone. They also select how many quotes/communications they want to have come back form between 1 to 10. This form is then automatically sent [...]

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15 04, 2019

What else do we have access to as a pro member apart from the website listing?


Apart from being listed on our highly indexed website, as a professional member you benefit from:- Free uploads to the member’s Video and Photo Stock Library, where you receive a commission of 50% of all sales, whether you remain a member or not Free access and use of our much sought after Drones for School national programme Free to use marketplace for the sale of drone equipment and accessories Exclusive discounts from companies such as Jessops, Coverdrone, Drone Doctor and more coming online all the time Highly professional and supportive networking via access to our closed Facebook group and website [...]

What else do we have access to as a pro member apart from the website listing?2019-04-15T19:21:11+00:00
15 04, 2019

As a Pro Member what member information is displayed on the DSR website?


As a Professional Members, we host your business information, website link and showreels on the most visited and google ranked website of its kind in the UK. There is not a drone directory service that even comes close to the level of search engine ranking and indexing that DSR has. For an example of the kind of information we hold about a DSR member, take a look on our member's map page or here is a link to a sample member company: https://dronesaferegister.org.uk/company/Drone-Media-Imaging  

As a Pro Member what member information is displayed on the DSR website?2019-04-15T19:16:18+00:00
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