Drone Terms

30 05, 2019

Video Latency


The lag or delay between what the camera is capturing and what the pilot can see on the monitor.

Video Latency2019-05-30T14:18:29+01:00
30 05, 2019

Headless Mode


A mode in which the craft will follow the pilot's joystick movement regardless of the orientation of the craft.

Headless Mode2019-05-30T14:16:39+01:00
30 05, 2019



A range of small and lightweight cameras that can be mounted onto a drone (or almost anything else for that matter).  Despite their small size, they are capable of recording high quality images and video and they are also waterproof and extremely rugged.

30 05, 2019

Fixed Wing


A fixed wing drone will have wings that are permanently extended in the style of an aeroplane.  A multi rotor drone has a series of propellers in the style of a helicopter.

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30 05, 2019

Landing Gear


Just like on a plane, most drones also have landing gear., In some models, the landing gear retracts so it doesn't get in the way of the camera during the flight and descends again when it is time for the craft to land.

Landing Gear2019-05-30T14:07:23+01:00
30 05, 2019

3D Mapping


Software that allows you to create 3d maps and models from inputting a number of drone pictures from varying altitudes and angles.

3D Mapping2019-05-30T14:05:51+01:00
30 05, 2019



What the drone carries with it into the air in order to perform a function.  Most commonly it is a camera, but can also be items such as chemical sprayers, items for delivery or armaments in the case of the military.

30 05, 2019

2.4 Ghz


Frequency used by digital radio communications, more commonly used in hobbyist drones.

2.4 Ghz2019-05-30T13:58:31+01:00
30 05, 2019

Collision Avoidance


Also known as Sense and Avoid, this is a system that allows a drone to sense the presence of an obstacle and either reroute to avoid it or hold its position in the sky and wait for the pilot to intervene.

Collision Avoidance2019-05-30T13:56:51+01:00
30 05, 2019

Autonomous Flight


A drone flight that is pre-programmed by the pilot to follow a path dictated by various waypoints. Once the flight commences, the pilot does not intervene, the drone simply follows the path and comes to land at a predefined point.

Autonomous Flight2019-05-30T13:55:20+01:00
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