Instant Quote is our website dedicated and intelligent contact form that puts those looking to hire a drone pilot in touch with our members for a given location throughout UK and Ireland.

Customers looking for a Drone Pilot to hire use the Instant Quote communication form to provide details about their photography, filming or thermal flight needs, along with the flight location, target flight date and how they want to hear back i.e. email or phone. They also select how many quotes/communications they want to have come back form between 1 to 10. This form is then automatically sent out as an email to the nearest 1-10 operators as selected, to the flight location (post code).

As a DSR Professional Member, you receive the Instant Quote via email to follow up. You will also see the Instant Quotes you receive in your Membership Dashboard area, along with a non-accessible summary of ALL the Instant Quotes that the website has received as a rolling Dashboard feed, so you get an idea about activity.

Instant Quote is NOT a guarantee of work! It is a method of introduction only. You may not hear back from the customer, of course, so it is important that you sell yourself as much as possible when an Instant Quote comes in to you. In addition to an Instant Quote from those looking to hire a DSR listed pilot, searchers may well just source Members from the Map page by zooming into a location and clicking on a member’s map pin – Take a look here:

In fact the use of the Map page is by far the most navigated page on our website and is the more likely route for members to be found and approached, they may simply click on your website link and contact you directly. This is why it is always important to ask your prospects how they heard about you.