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30 04, 2019

Trends in the Drone Industry


7 Trends in the Drone Industry Following on from PWC’s analysis of the drone industry’s worth to the UK economy (42bn by 2030), they have taken a more detailed look at the trends that will shape the future of the UAV sector. Delivering a keynote address at the Commercial UAV Expo Europe held in Amsterdam in April 2019, Michael Mazur (Consulting Partner) had some interesting observations to make regarding drone trends that will affect commercial operators across Europe. Drones are Good for the Telecoms Industry Looking ahead not too very far into the future [...]

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11 04, 2019

CAA Airspace Portal – Checking for Changes


Airspace counts as an invisible national asset – put simply, it is defined as the part of the atmosphere controlled by a State above its territory and over the sea which it is committed to provide air navigation services. It is divided into two main categories – controlled and uncontrolled space and in the UK, the CAA is the body that’s responsible for administering the rules and regulations regarding it. Over time, obviously, the needs for the airspace change and so the airspace classes need to be amended so they can meet these requirements.  [...]

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11 04, 2019

CAA Regulations – Evolution and Revolution


CAA Regulations – Evolution and Revolution The world of aviation is facing a brand new challenge in the form of drone operators.  Although currently much of the same aviation law applies to the pilot of a drone as much as to the pilot of a jet, it has to be recognised that UAVs have their own set of challenges and requirements. At this point in the industry’s development, commercial operators will recognise that the world of SUA legislation is in a state of near constant change as the various regulators grapple with an evolving [...]

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11 04, 2019

Flying near Airports and Aerodromes and other ANO Amendments


Flying near Airports and Aerodromes and other ANO Amendments As drone technology has become more and more a part of everyday life, it has become increasingly clear that amendments have will continue to be required to the UK's Air Navigation Order.  The law is never finished as the saying goes and must change to reflect the circumstances and sometimes, the events, of the day. One such event that can be credited with heralding the first of two rounds of changes of SUA operators in 2019, is the shutdown of Gatwick airport [...]

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