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At Top Drones we work with various drones to capture aerial and wider shots of any building, landscape or area. We also provide commercial and domestic drone services throughout the UK. Our drones can capture aerial footage from a height and range that a traditional camera cannot. You might find this useful for gaining a wider shot of your site or showing the scale of your operation. We are CAA Approved Drone Pilots, (permission for commercial operations) GVC & A2CofC with Full Public liability Insurance.

The intelligence of drones is that it can give you access to hard reach places, providing you footage and videography from angles you would not be able to capture normally, making them very versatile. As a result of their minimal interference, they are ideal to use on-site and are fine to operate near animals. They will not cause disruption or distraction.

Once we have introduced ourselves, we will learn a bit more about your requirements and what your goal is for your project. Whether your project is big, small, long term or short term, we will work to tailor our solutions to meet your goals, and will discuss a place, time, arrangements with you in further detail. No matter what your requirements, our team are on the case, providing you with a high calibre solution for you and your business.

At Top Drones we use various drones for specific projects. Our team use all DJI products from DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

At Top Drones we also offer Aerial and videography for the following services:

Business corporate events

Sporting events such as Golf, Football, Tennis

Football analysis

Construction site progress (Before and After images and video)

Building work for home or distribution

Roof inspections (roof tiles missing, leaks, chimney and guttering issues)

Loft conversion specialist

Property (Estate Agents) for New or existing listings

Weddings & Parties plus many more

We are also Adobe Premiere Pro qualified and provide the footage in either edited and raw formats depending on your exact requirements.

Prices start from as little as £200.

Top Drones is London based and always willing to travel to fulfill your project requirements.

For more information please give us a ring on 07731431348 or email [email protected]

Aerial imaging photo Drone

London North London Enfield

Aerial Videography inspection

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