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Sky (Ska-hy):


  1. the region of the clouds or the upper air; the upper atmosphere of the earth: airplanes in the sky; cloudy skies.
  2. the heavens or firmament, appearing as a great arch or vault.
  3. the supernal or celestial heaven.

Mariner (Mar-uh-ner):


  1. a person who directs or assists in the navigation of a ship; sailor.

Skymariner (Ska-hy-mar-uh-ner):


  1. A Hampshire based, dedicated, enthusiastic and expert drone operator who explores the heavens in the pursuit of excellence.

As an ex Royal Navy aircraft engineer with 24 years service operating and repairing various aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing, all around the world I have enjoyed working in the aviation sector. On top of this, for years I've had a lot of fun with my drone hobby and decided that transitioning from the military to the civilian sector would give me a natural opportunity to use my knowledge and put my drones to work! Skymariner currently consists of me, the accountable manager and head pilot, and my colleague Pete who is studying for his GVC and acts as Skymariner's support unit. Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire; We are available at short notice (same day service available in some cases).

Skymariner offers aerial photography, cinematography, short filmmaking, survey and inspection, emergency service assistance and will soon be upgrading to thermography, 3D modelling and mapping. Fully insured and CAA authorised with an in-depth knowledge of operating within the aviation environment. Our aim is to provide high quality service at reasonable rates, saving you money along with excellent customer service.

The Skymariner promise

We aim to to provide the most cost effective and professional solution to your problems, with full in depth project planning, risk assessment and safety management.

Building Inspections

Our building inspections can save you both time and money. We gather all the data you request within a defined timeframe.

Aerial Photography and Filming

We will deliver premium content in line with your specifications and can offer creative solutions to tell your story the best way we can.

All content will be edited and presented to you ready to publish. If you are not satisfied we can make any changes you request.

Real estate and property photography

We understand that a picture paints a thousand words and when it comes to property sales you want yours to stand out. We will provide a specified package to meet your needs and if you're not satisfied offer a free reshoot.

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