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North East Aerial Solutions Ltd are a relative newcomer to the exciting world of Aerial Building and Structural inspection solutions. The utilisation of Small Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) can greatly reduce your company's scaffold & access machine costs in addition to reducing your Company & personnel's exposure to high risk work at height activities and most importantly, your employee's need to work at height.
Drones fitted with high resolution cameras , have opened numerous possibilities
despite some bad press by rogue operators. A drone in the skilled hands of a professional operator can be used for a huge number of tasks requiring an aerial perspective and inspection.
North East Aerial Solutions Ltd, is a professional CAA approved drone operator that offers a bespoke drone solution for a range of high access inspection and survey purposes giving a swift and safe view on difficult to access areas that would normally expose personnel to unacceptable risk.
Some examples of use for a professionally flown drone are:
  • Roof inspections - checking for loose, missing, damaged tiles, lashing, blocked gutters.
  • Chimney condition checking, quick examine outer structures for leaks and damage
  • Flat roof membrane inspection with Thermal cameras to find tracking of moisture and eliminate or reduce the requirement for expensive whole roof re-cover.
  • Mast & tower inspections, observe and record components of the tower, mast or structure that cannot normally be accessed without introducing substantial costs & risk to personnel.
  • Solar panel inspections, using thermal imaging to identify failed or failing cells
  • Wind turbine inspections, fast, effective, and safer than high rope access methods with full pictorial reports.
  • 3D & 2D Mapping. Stock Volume Surveys.
  • Field drain inspections, Arial photograph solutions can reveal blocked or collapsed drains
  • Media promotions - prepare company brochures etc. with exciting and unusual angle aerial photographs.
North East Aerial Solutions owns and has access to professional drones, pilots and can provide multiple aircraft for complex tasks if required by the client.
North East Aerial Solutions are fully CAA approved and all our pilots are Drone Safe Register Checked & are PfCO/ OA qualified are under EASA GVC & A2 CofC certification.
All drone operations contracted are fully risk assessed and planned prior to any operation and are fully insured with a minimum £1,000,000 liability cover as standard, but can be increased if required by the client & which is underwritten by Allianz.

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