MAVERIC UAV

At MAVERIC UAV we strive for perfection in everything we do, our pilot has over ten years of experience and currently holds the PFCO licence with the night flying certification.

We have a wide range of the latest up to date equipment, for a wide variety of work, from the Dji Mavic mini 2 for internal building surveys, to the Dji Mavic Enterprise with thermal imaging capability for police support and search and rescue with the RNLI. We also have the fantastic Dji inspire 1 with the X5 camera for fantastic photography. So, name a job we have you covered.

We also offer inspection work for site progress and security, reported at intervals sent in report format with imaging.

Thermal imaging can be used in many ways either in search and rescue or inspecting solar panels, even finding out where your building is losing heat. We can also find infestations, as in rats and pigeons.

Photography is a speciality and filming sporting events for coaching or broadcast.

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