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London Drone Works are one of the Civil Aviation Authority listed aerial filming and drone operations in the UK and operate a fleet of professional UAV (Drones) and provide a variety of services ranging from aerial photography & cinematography for use in advertising & promotional videos for TV, Film & Social Media to aerial roof, Building and asset inspection, estate agents listings with post-production and editing included in price packages to suit all.

Our highly skilled civil aviation approved, fully insured pilots are fully compliant with latest Civil Aviation Authority regulations aircraft registered and insured for commercial use and with special permissions and can reach even the most obscure and hard to reach locations, taking your imagination to the extreme and providing a tailor-made service suited to your every ambition.

London Drone Works has invested in modern state of the art aircraft and cutting-edge equipment & software, with safety being the priority of our operation, all of our aerial platforms are serviced and maintained to the highest level, with a full comprehensive public liability insurance policy, rest assured, we are covered for every project and every flight.​

Prior to and upon arriving at location we complete a comprehensive risk assessment and site survey to ensure the safety of our crews, you and the public.

​Our Remote Pilots have the qualifications and approval of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for all of our flights at a fraction of the cost!

Aerial Photography

Drone photography

Drone inspection

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