GosHawk FPV

Jonathan Stocks (aka GosHawk FPV) is a highly skilled FPV racing drone and cinewhoop pilot. These drones are flown wearing goggles and allow incredibly unique shots to be captured.

The racing drone provides high speed and high maneuverability, ideal for extreme, adventure and aquatic sports and anything outdoors.

The cinewhoop is perfect for indoor situations and can be flown safely around offices and people. No other drone is as versatile as the cinewhoop! 

Piloting these drones requires a highly specialized skillset and very few people can fly them to the level GosHawk FPV has attained. Watch his incredibly skilled freestyle moves and his smooth cinematics and let your imagination fly! As your FPV Drone pilot, GosHawk FPV will capture innovative and unique footage with creative twists that inspire.




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