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GeoAccess: Aerial and Submersible Drone Services & Technical Rope Access.

Providing aerial, submersible drone and rope access services tailored to your specific requirements.

Who We Are

GeoAccess Ltd are a Civil Aviation Authority approved commercial drone services and IRATA-certified technical rope access company. Established in 2014 to address the need for inspections on difficult access sites in the rail sector, our head office in Castle Donington is complemented with offices in Doncaster and Durham to enable us to provide our professional services UK-wide. We are an approved contractor on the Scottish and Southern Electricity UAV Framework, YPO Emergency Services & Blue Light Drone Framework, Network Rail CEFA Framework. RISQS registration and qualification, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, and provide technical services to our clients' exacting standards, whilst managing risk and without compromising safety in demanding work environments. Our flight-crews and rope-access teams comprise multi-skilled civil and geotechnical engineers, geologists, structural examiners and earthwork examiners who carry out visual, detailed and bespoke inspections in a broad range of sectors. 

Aerial Inspections

  • infrastructure assets
  • geotechnical assets (earthworks, retaining structures)
  • buildings
  • amusement park rides
  • tunnels & airshafts
  • rock faces
  • sea defences
  • drainage assets
  • mine workings
  • waterways

Interior & Confined Space Inspections

We also offer aerial inspections of interior and exterior limited access areas and certain types of confined-space using our Phantom 4 Pro drone enclosed in a collision-resistant cage. The cage provides an additional layer of safety and reduces the risk of damage to the drone and the subject being inspected. Two light sources can be mounted on the frame that holds the drone in place to provide illumination in poorly lit environments. The caged drone can be used for the following: 

  • inspecting interior structural steelwork, particularly roof and canopy support
  • inspection of pipework, valves, conduits and cables at height and in restricted access areas
  • inspections of silos and tanks
  • bridge, tunnel and culvert inspections
  • performing safety checks in deep excavations, underground mining and tunnelling operations
  • interior inspections of derelict and dilapidated buildings prior to demolition to ensure personnel can enter safely

Underwater Inspections

GeoAccess have recently added a submersible drone, the Gladius V2, to our fleet. We are now expanding our services to include underwater photography, video, and inspections in a broad range of freshwater and saltwater environments, including: 

  • below the waterline assets, infrastructure and waterside buildings, including: masonry/concrete dam walls; spillways; quay walls; sheet-pile walls; lock gates; scour protection; embankments; earth-fill dams; intakes & debris screens; foundations
  • confined spaces, including: water tanks; pipelines; flooded tunnels and shafts; service reservoirs
  • underwater archaeology: photography; video; reconnaissance; survey
  • aquaculture (fish-farms and shell-fish farms): monitoring health of stock (disease, fatalities); stocking densities; condition of cages/nets
  • aid in search and recovery of persons & objects


Other Services

 We also thermal imaging surveys, mapping and 3D modelling services, photography and video. 

Our Ethos

At GeoAccess we take pride in our ability to tackle every job no matter how big or small, with the same professional flexible approach, believing that anything is possible allowing us to deliver cost-effective innovative solutions to our client’s needs. It is our mission at GeoAccess to be a class leader in commercial drone services and technical rope access.

Infrastructure Inspection

Building Inspection

Underwater Drone Inspection

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