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Eagle Drone Solutions is a professional, commercial drone operator, licensed by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority.

We specialise in performing turnkey aerial condition inspections of assets such as residential & commercial property, industrial warehouses & office buildings as well as infrastructure, plants & facilities.


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Each inspection is tailored to the client's specific requirements and can incorporate all aspects of an asset including the cladding & facades, roofs, chimneys, drainage and thermal insulation.

We operate advanced A.I drone technology to ensure the condition imagery recorded and captured by the drone is of the highest quality for more detailed, post flight assessment.

Our diverse customer base is made up of home owners, surveyors, property portfolio and facility manager, insurance loss adjusters, engineering and construction companies.

The Benefits of a Drone Inspection

Drone inspections are 85% more cost effective than conventional inspection techniques reducing operating costs and disruptive downtime and inconvenience.

Drones carrying a hi resolution digital and /or thermal camera payload acquires building condition data quicker and more accurately than traditional methods, thereby delivering proven cost savings in both time and money, furthermore enabling stakeholders to make more informed economic decisions.

Identifying and rectifying developing issues at an early stage of failure has been proven to save significant cost, time and inconvenience whereas emergency repairs are always notably more expensive and disruptive.

A drone inspection is quick and non intrusive and, if performed regularly will:

- help maintain the financial investment value of the asset

- diminish operational downtime of a commercial premises

- considerably reduce the maintenance, repair and overhaul costs

- provide reassurance to home buyers on out of sight areas of a house disclaimed by surveyors

Phases of a Drone Inspection

As a regulated aviation business there are 4 phases to perform a drone inspection, the first 2 of which are legal requirements with 3 and 4 being our service deliverables.

1.Mission Planning (legally requirement)

A comprehensive risk assessment is undertaken for each commercial drone flight. Its objectives are to identify and diminish the risk of injury to people during the flight and to maintain the safe integrity of the mission at all times. The risk assessment is kept on our records and is subject to a CAA audit at any time. Prior to any drone flight we require the permission of the asset owner to perform the inspection.

2.Flight Operation (legal requirement)

This phase covers the actual drone inspection flight(s) where the drone, flown remotely by our experienced pilots, performs its inspection tasks acquiring the necessary data and imagery.

We operate technology which records hi resolution conventional in addition to Infrared thermal imagery.

3.Data Processing (service deliverable)

After the flight mission, the captured data downloaded from the drone for review assessment and, if required further processing.

The client has a choice of receiving from us just the raw data. Alternately, we offer a range of post flight photogrammetry modelling, orthomosaics and reporting products for deeper assessment and analysis.

4.Delivery (service deliverable)

The data is the electronically delivered to the client in a form of their choosing.

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