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Based in Cambridgeshire and working primarily in the Midlands and East Anglia, I specialise in aerial photography, aerial mapping, elevation maps and 3D maps of construction sites, churches (for quinquennial inspections) and roof inspections of commercial, industrial and residential properties.


If you need a bird's eye view of anything, get in touch! 


I can produce orthophotographic aerial maps and 3D models, to assist in land surveys, archaeological surveys, construction and property development, including land measurement and elevation surveys. 

High-resolution 4k video and 20 megapixel photographs, plus help with post-production editing services, if required.

You are welcome to come along and see the pictures live during the drone flight.

Aerial and 3D mapping

Church quinquennials

Roof inspections

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 18-06-2020)

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