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Dronez Access Ltd offer 2D and 3D mapping, construction and roof inspections to assist companies with their preventative maintenance schemes and safety of their ongoing projects. By minimising risks

Our service involves a one or two-person team, one who flies the drone, while another takes the photos or act as "spotter" to ensure the best possible images while maintaining the highest level of safety.

With our state of art drones with powerful cameras and H20T 640x512 radiometric camera, we can offer detailed visual and thermal imagery during inspections. Our RTK drone can also make mapping, photogrammetry to create detailed 3D and 2D maps. 

Matrice M300 RTK

Mapping, asset management and building site progress.

Phantom 4 RTK, I one of the most advanced technology to support survey missions. All-in-one package for teams to quickly build centimeter-accurate 2D and 3D maps for sites 

Inspections and constructions.

Building inspections often require teams to implement manual, rope-access techniques which require walking across rooftops and scaffolding. DJI drone solutions provide high definition 20-megapixel images. Our drones collect comprehensive imagery of a roof to detect physical, water and electrical damage. By using thermal and visual imagery alongside a suite of intelligent features, roof inspectors can easily detect defects mid-flight.

Mavic 2 Pro

How drones can help your business please feel free to contact us regarding prices and possibilities.

Aerial Inspection

West Midlands


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