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Drone-Services offers expert Aerial Video and Drone Photography Services throughout the United Kingdom, with clients in Central London as well as Salisbury and the New Forest.

We provide a professional, personal service with expertise in aerial filming and photography, having worked with market-leading brands such as Hyundai, Paul Smith, and Puma on aerial content.

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We worked with Hyundai to capture stunning aerial footage of the London Eye being switched on for the first time after over 150 days being shut and turned off. Drone-Services captured and secured all of the relevant local permissions from the Port of London Authority as well as the Civil Aviation Authority.

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Drone-Services provide a fast, simple and intuitive system for actionable aerial data which can be delivered within a short time frame. We are able to piece together footage on the fly meaning full aerial survey maps can be generated in the field. With actionable data available in real-time, we can generate Orthomosaic, NDVI, Digital Elevation Models and 3D Models in one complete package.

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A Point Cloud is a three-dimensional visualisation made up of thousands or millions of geo-referenced points. Point clouds are widely used in industry-standard software because they provide high-resolution data without the distortion that can occur with 3D mesh models.

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Drones are ideal for assessing and preventing environmental disasters in inaccessible or dangerous areas. They gather data from places where humans cannot go to create a snapshot of the situation, allowing officials to decide how to best deploy resources, minimise damage, and save lives.

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While most people associate drones with agriculture and harvesting, there are numerous ways to put your drone to work before planting season begins. Drones are becoming an indispensable year-round field management tool for growers, from weed scouting to assessing drainage tiles.

High-Quality Aerial Filming Equipment

We capture unique and visually stunning imagery from our incredible variety of drones. No matter your aerial needs, Dickies Drone Services can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to capture the best aerial data at an affordable and fair price.

DJI Inspire 1

Ronin MX

DJI M600 Pro

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