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Who are we?

We are a new, fresh and creative drone (UAV) videography and photography company. We enjoy capturing and post production of great imagery and content. We are always looking to create the perfect once in a lifetime shot or clip. We can create media for weddings, special events, surveys, estate agents and much more.

We do not believe in attaching hidden fees or charges to the costings given initially. All our charges are made clear to clients from the first complete quote and only comprise of payment for the time taken by our team and any materials or expenses required for the successful completion of the job.

We want to understand your business and plan a solution that works best for you; and to do so at a price that fits your budget. Interested? Simply email us your query giving as much detail as possible along with your contact details and will be in touch soon to arrange a good time to chat.

What Services do we offer?

Residential Real Estate

Our professional drone services provide stunning ground based and aerial footage including images, video and panoramas to showcase your residential property from a unique perspective. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighbourhood, viewing large properties, and providing content to nearby amenities and features. DroneADIK offers fast and professional aerial photography services at competitive pricing that fits your needs.

Professional Drone Services for Commercial Real Estate

Sell real estate listings faster and attract more clients by showcasing your commercial property from the air. High quality aerial footage such as panaormas, images and video tours illustrate your properties proximity to nearby amenities, roads and features. Volume discounts on high resolution aerial photography and videography services.

Roof & Structure Survey Services

Ideal for inspecting suspected damage on roofs, chimneys, towers, spires, bridges or any other hard to reach location. Our drones dramatically reduce the time required to complete a survey and ensure an entire structure can be assessed, something that’s not always possible for a human to do. As there’s also no need for anyone to leave the ground, drones make a project much safer.

Material Assets

Know who's moved what and when. Conduct your own site survey before the job begins and whenever changes occur. Have volume calculations of material moved for contractor conformance and payment or just check stock levels on site.

HVAC & Equipment Inspections

Integrating data acquired from drones with and asset management system results in realistic, unique and timely understanding of asset condition. Knowing the current condition of a company's assets in as much detail as possible, makes life a lot easier to keep them operating as you need them to, in the safest most efficient and most productive way possible.

Standard colour and thermal imagery can be stored on a long term basis for analysis and comparison for future inspections. It will help to identify the assets that require immediate attention, verses those that may have repairs deferred.

The data captured alongside with your asset management capabilities can enable oversight of the ongoing condition of your facilities and equipment, helping to ensure compliance and mitigate the risk of being blindsided by a maintenance emergency.

Professional Drone Services for Advertising & Marketing

Show customers, prospects and website visitors your products, locations, people and events through a unique perspective and point of view.

4K Broadcast Quality

Our broadcast quality 4k ultra high definition video cameras, can reach places and views that are extremely difficult and expensive using traditional methods.

Professional Drone Services for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Track, Map, Survey, Inspect, and Manage your worksite projects.

Construction drone services and aerial data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders.

Construction Monitoring

Aerial photography helps keep projects on track. Make better decisions with drone data and visual project updates

Orthomosic Maps

Get highly details, geometrically accurate imaging representations of your worksite.

3D Maps & Models

Use aerial drone imagery to generate 3D models of your site, stockpile measurements and more.

Professional Drone Services for Insurance Claims, Inspections & Loss Adjusters

Lower operating costs and shorten inspection timelines by using drones for roof inspections and insurance claims needs at scale. Sending a professional drone pilot out to get aerial property inspection imagery you need to process a claim or underwrite inspection. 

Professional Drone Services for Special Events

We can capture breathtaking shots of the day creating great memories. From sporting triumphs, company celebrations or that special wedding day. Drone cameras can bring your audience and viewers closer to the action than ever before, taking them from back of the crowd to the front of the stage. Using a drone can make your audience part of an event in ways that have not been possible in the past.

Aerial Filming

Aerial Photography


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