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Hello, I am Alberto Delgado and I am the main Pilot at Delgado Drones

Because I have worked in the past within the software development industry, I have a technical mindset and willingness to make processes more efficient

I am also keeping an eye on new technical developments that could develop new services at Delgado Drones


✔️ Roof Inspection: Most homeowners recognize the need for a thorough roof inspection after a weather event (after a storm or strong winds), but that shouldn't be the only time you consider to check your roof

Roof inspections are important for property maintenance, which will ,in return, increase its life.

After the inspection you will receive a detailed report

✔️ Aerial Photography: I am also a photographer and that comes handy to maximise the potential of a location and create engagement. If the pictures looks good on camera will save time in post-production .

Lightroom and Photoshop are my preferred tools for editing

✔️ Aerial Videography: 2K and Full HD are still the most preferred video resolution, but 4K is becoming the new standard when shooting videos and more clients want to include a drone viewpoint. This combined with ground video creates unique video content giving a unique perspective

✔️ Professional Photography: some times, the best way to get the best shot is from the ground, especially in property and Real State. Using close shots combined with a drone viewpoint showing the landscaped gardens, can automatically boost interest in potential buyers


Having a technical background is helpful when offering a range of services that are not as popular as aerial photography, but more and more demanded within the drone community

I am specialized in:

✔️ 2D Mapping: whether you need a map for display purposes or monitor the changes in a specific location, drones allow creating a high resolution images. Main advantage is that you can show your location in Google Earth and share it within your team or company

Think about it, you can show an entire location with a level of detail a single picture can’t. You can zoom in and make captures to add to reports or your website, keeping a great level of detail

The photos are geo-referenced so you can measure distances and other calculations using dedicated software, or I can do that for you

You might not need a helicopter either! ✌️

✔️ 3D Modelling and Digital Archiving

Using bespoke software allows creating 3D assets and the so-called 'digital twins'.

Now you can make a digital copy of almost everything and get it published online, simple.

There is an increasing range of 3D applications like base models for animation, 3D graphics or video game, digital archiving, archaeology, architecture and more.

Photogrammetry is the science behind 2D and 3D services and is widely used by, for example, Google Earth to create 3D imagery. Exception is, that their resolution is not as good as using drones and they don’t revisit locations on demand

Visit my Instagram to see some examples of 3D modelling 🚁 ⭐️ ⭐️

I am also building my own photography portfolio

⭐️ ⭐️

3D Modelling

Aerial Photography

Aerial Inspections

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