Atec-3D use fixed-wing and multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for a wide variety of Aerial Photography, Survey, Mapping and Monitoring applications.

Aerial Photography and Videography

Our team have had many years of experience in capturing images from above, whether it is of your house, your business or your event, we have equipment that is suitable to capture it in a safe and professional way. Atec-3D have worked with bands on music videos and supported local events such as Folkestone’s Most Wuthering Heights day ever and the RAF 100 celebrations at the Battle of Britain Memorial.

Aerial Surveying  and Inspections

Using a fixed-wing UAV to survey means a large area can be covered rapidly and safely. The efficient flight capabilities allow much quicker and more accurate results than a multi-rotor UAV and we can avoid having to enter potentially hazardous areas by conducting our work at a safe distance. For smaller jobs such as inspecting roofs and gutters or for producing a line drawing of your garden to aid landscaping design we will use one of our smaller multi-rotor UAVs.

Supporting Planning Applications and Monitoring Construction

We can provide imagery at different stages of a build to give a better perspective of progress and to help monitor contractors. Our approach is quick, cost-effective and will cause minimal disruption and we can cover areas that may not be easily accessible from the ground. Once Atec-3D have set up and saved a flight path, the same area can be covered time and again to give you an accurate report of progress. We can assist with a project of any size, from large civil engineering and construction jobs such as the building of new roads, bridges, dams, schools and hospitals down to much smaller builds or demolition projects.

Environmental Monitoring

Combined with our rapid surveying system, our UAV environmental monitoring services are able to provide our clients with accurate maps highlighting altering biological zonation for environmental risk analysis, biodiversity action planning and environmental monitoring at a low cost. The Atec-3D team use a variety of monitoring methods to identify habitat using classifications developed by national conservation agencies and National Vegetation Classifications (NVC) designed by the Joint Nature Conservation Community (JNCC) to protect natural resources.

Mining Support Services

Atec-3D is ideally placed to conduct your UAV mining surveys, having a team with years of experience in different aspects of the mining sector, including vast experience of open cast mining. With our technology we can produce Digital Terrain Models and Base Maps quickly and cost effectively. Our mining surveys can also reduce the time spent calculating areas of stockpile, bench, pit, spoil and various other metrics. As part of our mining surveys, Atec-3D can produce Digital Surface Models (DTMs) with integrated high resolution images to give the client a substantial data set for calculations and obtaining accurate positions of equipment on a regular basis. Digital Surface Models (DSMs) will give digital representations of ground surfaces and objects, once processed in geo-reference formats (GeoTIFF, XYZ or TIN model) these can be imported into any GIS or CAD package. Photomosaics are created by projecting the texture of the raw images onto the DSM.

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