AerialFilm Ltd

AerialFilm Ltd specialise in;

  • Drone Land Surveys - combined with Ground Control Points
  • Promotional and Progress Videos
  • Inspection Photography
  • Agricultural plant health and ‘ground truthing’

We work for construction companies, inspection experts and agricultural experts.

We can drone land survey large areas a great deal quicker than traditional methods and process the outcomes fast too. We use Ground Control Points to optimise the accuracy. We have produced many progress videos, promotional videos and soil volumetric reports and have saved organisations significant access costs when providing inspection photographs.

We are the first drone operator to be used to fly a drone over the National Rail High Speed Line which runs from London to Paris and beyond, we provided high quality pictures and video for inspection purposes at Stratford International Station in London. You can see us in action at

We have captured high quality aerial inspection photography for use by clients and conservation officers. Detailed roofing reports showing all sizes, areas and pitch have also been provided. Building Models also assist in enabling browser based remote study of the sites. 

Promotional videos are also a speciality, working with an award winning cinamatographer to get the best results. We have done this work for a wide range of clients including Construction Companies, Football Clubs and Activity Centres.

Land Survey

Roof Inspection

Promotional Video

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