Aerial Aspect

Aerial Aspect specialises in Aerial Photography, Videography and Commercial Drone Inspection

Services Include:

  • Aerial Photography and cinematography for promotional media, property, events and charity.

  • Site or Construction progression photography, documenting the progression of a project or site to create a time lapse over the whole construction.

  • Property, Roof, Chimney, Construction, Asset inspection. Cutting costs and reducing the exposure of "working at heights" by mitigating the need for expencive scaffolding and keeping boots on the ground.

  • Industrial Photography, documenting key parts of a project, installation, promotional footage onshore and offshore. Our pilot has a Valid Offshore Medical, FOET and Registered Seafarer with 8 years offshore experience on Vessels.

Using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mini 2 we are able to capture high quality HDR images and 4K media offering Raw footage or post processed media.

Our Pilot is approved by the CAA holding both a PFCO and A2CofC and fully insured with 2 million liability cover, which can be increased if required.

Each mission is planned prior to every flight including site plans, risk assessments and if required we will visit the site prior to the operation to confirm. All flights are planned according to the CAA Regulations and specified in the Operation manual.

Aerial Photography

Drone Inspection


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