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At squinty Pixels we offer a wide range of Drone Inspection, video and photography services. With a background in film and design, we can edit footage to give a desired theme or finish. Or if you just want the RAW files, then that's fine too. We have a history of photography, working with the light to get the best shots possible.

Working as a team of two, we have the qualifications and tools to provide immense 4K quality footage. So whether you need a dangerous roof surveyed without the risk to human life or you want aerial footage for a promotional video then we would love to get involved.
As fully qualified PfCo Drone operators, we have both the qualifications and tools to get immense 4K quality aerial views. Whether that be a roof inspection of a dangerous building or some fantastic footage of a beach at sunset, we are here to help. With have the latest range of drones including the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Parrot Anafi, we have the tools and expertise to provide stunning and professional footage.

Aerial Roof Inspections

Aerial Video and Photography

Drone Pilot Services

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 02-10-2021)

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