South West Leicestershire Drone Services Ltd

We are truly a bespoke nationwide and international, Arial filming company that will and always adapt its services to meet all of your needs.


Through our Aerial drone service, we can produce all types of Arial site surveys and inspections, 3D mapping, also agricultural mapping, for fast and reliable crop inspections.


House Surveys:- By completing a full scan of your roof, guttering, chimneys, we can give you informed information so that you can get the best quotes for any work that may be needed on your property.


Your Business Promotion:- At South West Leicestershire Drone Service we specialize in short powerful videos in no less than 4K that showcase your business to your potential customers using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook. We have produced these films and increased customers clientele. 


We also completed filming for nature documentaries. 


We also can video weddings and other celebrations you might have,  bringing you a personal service that will compliment and make your day, a day to remember.  We will help you with "Building Great and Long Lasting Memories".

Arial Video Filming



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