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Sky-Pin Drones is the outstanding, precision photography, videography, image and data collection drone Company. It will provide unmanned aerial surveys, inspections of buildings, structures, pipelines, wind turbines and land using the highest technical quality cinematography and photogrammetry, together with the latest drone and software technology. It is based in Scotland, but services are UK wide.

Sky-Pin Drones Ltd also provides drone educational services to schools, collages and business outlining the influence of drone technology on the economy, jobs, community and the future economy. How drones can and are helping communities, farming, construction and other industries as well as helping the environment. 

Roof inspection will produce detailed picture and video inspection of drainage pipes, guttering, gable-ends, chimney, roof tiles and window pane. This inspection is stored digitally.

Survey estate


Inspection roof guttering

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 04/07/2020)

Holds current insurance
(Expires 27/07/2020)

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