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We are a small team of multi service unmanned aircraft operators specializing in piloting of multi rotor and fixed wing aerial platforms.

Rotor Pixel was founded by Daniel Welch who has extensive experience in the construction sector completing project management and risk assessments for high risk activities. In 2019 the decision was made to turn a 5 year hobby and interest into a career and address many of the challenges met, for completing checks and routine maintenance inspections within the commercial and industrial sector with the use of SUAS.

Since inception, Rotor Pixel has established a small but highly experienced team of experts who have a passion for drones and for capturing the impossible. Our pilots originate from a range of different backgrounds ranging from project management, software development, Security, construction engineering and military aviation enabling a diverse skill set application to the drone industry.

All our pilots are certified by the civil aviation authority and have been approved the necessary permissions for undertaking commercial operations (PFCO)

Rotor pixel own and have access to any platform or payload required for undertaking any mission in the UK ensuring clients expectations are met every time following initial consultation.

Do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help with your next project.

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Drone Inspection

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