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What makes Eyeup Aerial Solutions different is our commitment to safety and whilst being able to get up close and personal!  We hold additional Civil Aviation Authority exemptions allowing us to operate closer to people, vehicles and structures outside our control than other operators.

So what can our exemptions help you to achieve?

Data collection in highly congested areas.  We only require a tiny area (as little as 5m radius) to take off and land compared with a standard permission holder (30m radius)

We can inspect properties up to 750ft high.

We can fly 1500m from our remote pilot...standard permissions allow 500m.  This can reduce survey times or help create a helicopter-like, scene-setting cinematic shot.

Finally we can get up close and personal near large crowds of people.  Normally this is a bog no-no with standard permission-holders limited to 50m.  We can drop that to 50m (75m after dark).

All of this means that we can go closer, higher, further than other operators...and we do it all safely.

Professional | Creative | Safe

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Holds current CAA PfCO
(Expires 06-01-2021)

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