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Everything is Somewhere was established in 2009 my myself, Jeremy Murfitt, concentrating primarily on the property and planning sectors. I have over 30 years experience as a Chartered Surveyor with a significant part of that working in the minerals sector. We have been using drones since 2015 following the requests from clients for property/planning related projects.

The main scope of work we carry out with drones is in the general property, agriculture and construction sectors. The focus of the work is on providing photogrammetry surveys, construction updates, property and roof inspections as well as using drone derived data to build up property/asset records. We have been instructed by a number of other Chartered Surveyors to carry out site surveys including quarries, landfill sites, wind farms and other property to assist in various projects they are undertaking. We also work for other clients proving regular construction updates and for one we are at present monitoring 20 sites on a monthly basis. We have also produced videos to support planning applications with two notable successes being a 70 house residential development and a large factory/office development.

In parallel with the above we also undertake a number of GIS related projects. The primary work is property and asset management and we have built up detailed property records for various clients. The drone derived data compliments this area of work. A good example of the integration of drone and GIS work is the detailed mapping of farms and we have assisted a number of farmers using intensive grazing systems where acccurate fields records are important.

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