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Bantam is a versatile Commercial Studio providing creative bespoke imagery to magazines, catalogues, brochures and businesses. Areas of work

  • E-Commerce
  • Estate/Property
  • Product/Packaging
  • Actor & Models - Headshots & Portfolios
  • Corporate Promotions/Events




What you need, Bantam has


  1. Experience √ Bantam has +40 years in Stills and Motion


  1. Skill √ Bantam excels In Medium Format, DSLR, Film Making, Drone i& 3D Mapping


  1. Creativity √ Bantam’s creativity in both Pre & Post Production is second to none


  1. Quality Equipment √ Bantam only uses the best - Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad, DJI, Ronin and Apple


  1. Support √ With Bantam the customer always gets what they need


  1. Competitive Pricing √ Like for Like no one can undercut Bantam. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. “If you don’t like it, you don’t pay” (No one has ever used this option)



Medium Format


Cameras are developing all the time and their capabilities increase year on year. Bantam ensures your project is captured using the top end of the resolution range, whether it be in Medium Format, or with a DSLR.  You will notice the quality difference. All work is hand edited in post production to a very high standard.


Green Screen


Since 1977 the Studio has been shooting mainly with paper backgrounds, or printed backdrops, or even cloth, or vinyl. However, with the demanding needs of the market on the increase, and coupling this with the increase in quality of Green Screen Technology, Clients can now choose all types of background/images to suit their project without ever having to leave the Studio.


Studio Hire


The Studio can be hired for green screen work, or other types of photography, or film making. Lighting varies from studio flash, to fluorescent, to LED depending on what is required. The Studio can also be hired without lighting.




Film making needs outstanding quality in both Visual and Audio.


The Canon EOS C200 is used for most projects. This is ideal for online work and produces 4K Ultra if required. With this camera comes additional back up of various lenses, sliders and gimbals for creative and ultra smooth cam movements. The end result is highly professional.


Top quality sound recording system using Sennheiser equipment with radio remote and boom microphones, if required. Quality music (licenced, so no worries with copyright) can be a dynamic addition to any project. Similarly quality voice overs can be added, either using the Client for extra personalisation, or a voice over model. This also applies to any presentation.


Licensed Drone

1-2 pilots can be on a Client’s site, or on a specified location depending on the requirements of the shoot.

All footage is shot in 4K (3840 x 2160) by full qualified CAA registered pilots, with PfCO authorisation (Permission For Commercial Operations). Top level coverage with Insurance and Public Liability included. The Client is in experienced and safe hands.


GoPro Action

For those additional “on board” moments, either on a helmet, bike, car or zip wire (!) Bantam has it covered. These action shots are invaluable as additional “fill ins”, to the main footage.


3D Tours/3D Mapping

Move on from the well used 360 cam work, and let your customers virtually decide where they want to travel within your project. Similar to “Google Earth” it is as simple as pressing the screen to take take the customer on a 3D virtual tour, whether it be a house, castle, yacht or office complex.


Green Screen

This technology started years ago with the BBC, but has now developed into highly sophisticated software which enables the Client to have his product, talent, anchorman, or model placed anywhere of their choosing without the problem of location expenses and unpredictable weather.

It is seamless and can be used for both Stills and Motion work. Ideal for Promotion Videos, Corporate interviews, Agency/Model Portfolios or vloggers.

Video 4K

Photography Own Studio


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