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Aspire Aerial Media specialise in aerial and ground based photography & video, drone based imaging, aerial asset inspections and aerial mapping. We are based in East Anglia directly serving Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex but able to travel UK / Europe wide. We are skilled videographers dedicated to providing our clients with high quality and engaging, ground based and aerial, video and photographs using advanced stabilised cameras and "Drone" based platforms.

Creative Film-making:

 Paul is an experienced Director of Photography and also  CAA certified for commercial aerial work. We are able to capture video and images that before camera equipped UAVs were simply not possible or required large scale camera equipment and the use of expensive helicopters, cranes or dollies.

Property and Asset Inspection:

We are not limited to creative film-making as Paul also studied Building Technology at Manchester University and has a wealth of construction experience enabling informed and meaningful property inspections using the drone platforms. Deploying a range of sensors, detailed real-time images can be captured eliminating the need for high access equipment and reducing the need for working at height.

Post-Production and Editing

Not only can we provide raw footage to support your project but also full editing capability to deliver a turn-key solution to a final production.

Aerial Filming

Aerial Photography

Suffolk Drone

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