When you think of drones, there’s no denying that the first brand that probably springs to mind is DJI.  However, they’re not the only player in the market.

Yuneec offer a full range of high quality craft for both the hobbyist and commercial markets.

A select few DSR members were lucky enough to gain access to their tech centre recently to find out more about them.

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Yuneec are far from new to the aerial market, having started more than 18 years ago manufacturing remote-controlled aircraft for the model-making community.  Founded in Hong Kong in 1999, Yuneec are already market leaders in the ready to fly aircraft for the hobbyist market. So, in some ways, the move to embrace the burgeoning drone industry was quite a natural one.

Building on their already considerable experience, 2014 saw the launch of the Typhoon quadcopter, the first of their ready to fly out of the box craft.  This quickly piqued the interest of Intel who took the chance to invest int he company giving them access to cutting-edge chip technology.

Shortly after this, the Typhoon H hexacopter hit the marketplace – leveraging that Intel power to provide Real-Sense technology allowing the craft to detect obstacles and automatically dodge them – a revolution in 2016.

2017 saw the brand’s entrance into the world of the commercial operator with the H520 hexacopter – designed to be rugged enough to handle the demands of many industry sectors – from search and rescue through film production, to construction, surveying and mapping.

One of the benefits of membership to the Drone Safe Register is that we are constantly in contact with many of the major players in the drone market and our great working relationships mean that we can sometimes offer behind the scenes access.  DSR members were thrilled to be invited to the Yuneec test centre for a chance to see the UAVs in action, learn more about the company and their range of craft and get some hands on experience in working with them – the redundancy demonstration was particularly interesting for our members to see.

This opportunity was also made possible by our close partnership with the UK drone retailer Jessops bringing together a trinity of drone related organisations in the one place.  Jessops have now added a discount on all the Yuneec products that they sell which is made available to DSR members as part of our ever growing raft of member benefits.

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