Drone pilot hire business are a huge growth area in the UK. As more and more industries recognise the power of drones and how they can cut costs and improve processes, the demand for professional drone pilots is increasing. Although they are easy to fly, becoming a commercial drone pilot isn’t just about buying a drone an advertising services for sale.

To operate legally in the UK a drone operator has to obtain Permission For Commercial Operations (PFCO). This is issued on behalf of the CAA by an approved assessment body. The process usually involves a pilot attending a training course and passing an exam to prove competence. There is a also a practical flight test where the pilot has to prove an understanding of risks and safety to a high standard.

To find a drone pilot is easy – but finding a good one who is legal and approved to fly commercially can be a little trickier. Once you have some options, check the CAA’s list of approved drone pilots to make sure they are on it. Sometimes a pilot may use a trading name rather than his own name, so make sure you are searching the CAA drone pilot database for the right details.

Another option to find a drone pilot is to use Drone Safe Register’s database. Drone Safe Register was set up to encourage safe flying, promote awareness of drone capabilities and help members market themselves. Public awareness of drones can be quite negative, so organisations like Drone Safe Register play an important role in educating and explaining what they can do.

All CAA approved drone pilots are required to have Public Liability insurance, but it’s always worth asking for evidence of this. If the worst happens and property is damaged or a person is injured, you need the protection of insurance in what could be a very expensive situation. An experience drone operator will take all action possible to mitigate risk, but the unexpected can happen.

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