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Welcome to our Newsletter. Its been a very busy start to the year here at HQ.  We are delighted to announce that we have just reached 1 million customers with our targeted marketing since launching back in November 2015.

2016 is set to be a very busy year for our industry and we are ready to welcome UAV professionals who hold CAA permission & valid insurance.  DSR is a well publicised website and we will continue to market our members throughout every year.

Our commitment to our members remains huge. 

Keep in Touch with Drone Safe Register

Have you seen our sponsored targeted adverts since launch? We are delighted to announce we have now hit 1,000,000 post reaches via our DSR Facebook page. We are well on the way to achieving our 4,000,000 target for 2016. Yes, DSR will target 4,000,000 prospects in 2016.

Are you following us on Twitter? Our Twitter account has also seen massive activity. Our ‘Only hire a legal UAV pilot’ campaign is going down very well indeed. Ensure you follow our account and follow our activity.

Joining the Drone Safe Register

Joining DSR is not just about pin location on a digital map. You are joining the UK’s most visited website for UAV hire and a brand which is marketed massively. Our register is the safest place for hire as we check insurance & PFAW status. Once new members join, we provide a welcome pack and pilot ID card. These are issued yearly and can be easily verified if needed.