It’s time for a bit of housekeeping.

Member logo’s like the one above can be found within own member dashboard 
Dear all,

With half of the UK currently on holiday now is the perfect time to login and update your member profile. If you are new to Drone Safe Register Pro, the following information will be invaluable, even if you have been a member for a while, many new additions have been added.

All the actions below can be carried out by logging into your DSR Pro dashboard.

Here are DSR’s top 10 do’s this month.

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Number One – ID cards 
ID cards, We now only issue members ID cards with photo id, please ensure you have uploaded a passport style photo.
Number Two – PfCO & Insurance dates
PfCO & Insurance dates. Super important as these are displayed to members of the public looking to hire a drone operator.
Number Three – Commercial Showreel
Showreel – Have you updated and are displaying a commercial showreel?
Number Four – SEO Boost
For SEO purposes, have you embedded you DSR profile code? This can be found under member resources.
Number Five – Correct location
Check location – All members can change location/map pin at anytime throughout membership plan. Do check address has been found by Google and is displaying on our map correctly.
Number Six – Discounts
DJI & Yuneec Discounts – Discount codes do change and are for family and friends also. Codes can be found within members dash under discounts.
Number Seven – Forum including Ops Manual renewal help
DSR Forum where you will find useful information to update your ops manuals etc. Link to join is below.
Join DSR Forum
Number Eight – Networking group
Facebook closed networking group – Link to join is here with a huge amount of networking taking place.
Join DSR Pro Networking group
Number Nine – Stock Footage Uploading
Stock will only sell if uploaded, remember stock can stay with us for life.
Number Ten – Drones For Schools
Have you downloaded our D4S program from the members forum? A huge opportunity for all members.

As our website continues to get busier and busier it is super important all members have perfect profiles.

Please be ready for September as we will be making our largest spend on marketing yet!

Many thanks

Ian Shaw
Membership Manager

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