24 12, 2018

The CAA Drone Awareness Study 2018

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It's easy to be misled by the news headlines into thinking that drones have nothing positive to offer the UK economy and indeed society but the CAA, as the body in charge of creating the set of rules and regulations that control their use, were keen to get behind the front pages and find out what people really thought about UAVs. So they interviewed a large number of people from members of the public through to commercial pilots to try to find out where opinion really lies and to be able to build a [...]

26 06, 2018

Why Do We Need Drone Detection Systems?

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Used correctly and responsibly, drones are incredibly safe. Collision detection systems, battery reliability and on-board navigation systems have improved dramatically over recent years, and the technology is developing rapidly. With the exception of ‘toy’ drones most even have a ‘return to home’ function meaning they fly themselves back to the take off point if there is a power or technical problem. Of course as with any technology, there are those who misuse drones. Stories of near misses with passenger aircraft and drones flying over airports aren’t always accurate, but there are a very small minority of [...]