29 03, 2016

Find Drones Easily – Hire – Book – Order – Compare

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The use of various types of unmanned aircraft ‘drones’ has massively increased over the past few years.   Drones have many uses - Utilities, Agriculture, Construction, Aerial Survey, Planning, Aerial Film & Photo to name just a few. Currently the UK has just under 1500 pilots with correct CAA permission.  If flying a drone for private leisure, you do not require CAA permission but the pilot should take full responsibility for doing so safely.  Using a drone for ‘paid aerial work’ requires you to hold correct CAA permission and carry valid insurance. Drone Safe Register holds a list of CAA approved drone operators [...]

7 03, 2016

The Use of drones filming events this summer

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Drones are fantastic but must only be flown at events by professionally trained pilots.  All qualified pilots must attend ground school, complete an operations manual and be flight tested before the CAA will issue the pilot or company permission. Valid insurance is a must. No drones can be flown within 150 metres of gatherings of 1000 or more persons. If you have a group of 1000 persons or less, providing the group are within the pilots control the 150m rule is removed completely. This is why you will see even more close range drone footage pictured within the [...]

22 02, 2016

Drone Hire Doncaster Overland UAS

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Overland UAS offer complete aerial media, mapping and surveying solutions using the latest technology. They are, as DSR Members, a Civil Aviation Approved Operator, fully insured and Qualified BUNCs UAS Pilots. Overland UAS offer a range of services, including mapping agricultural land, photographing private houses, aerial video production and surveying a potential construction site. Whether you’re an individual or a business, Overland UAS have the skills, technology and experience to help.  Overland UAS use the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems. Our media production is of the highest quality, and we operate the latest ‘Camera Drones’ filming in 4K and 1080dpi [...]